David Whitney is a professional artist and the creator of the PaperBlox Print & Build eBooks. Using his original paintings and artwork, he creates custom retro toys with pop culture themes. David also collaborates with doll customizer, Laura Han, to create some really cool dolls never seen before.
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Logan's Run Pop Sculpture
Download the 1977 Star Wars Blueprints Book
I remember getting this set of Star Wars blueprints/posters as a kid in 1977 and studying them for hours.
Star Wars Iron-Ons
Classic iron-on book from the 1970s. All hi-res images. Just print them onto any inkjet transfer paper for some great retro fun!
Great toy book from Starlog magazine, circa 1980.
Click here to download this high quality PDF file. All you need are 2 pieces of photo paper, glue and scissors.
1982 Kenner Star Wars Catalog
This British 70s book is full of great comics, short stories and articles based on the TV series Logan's Run. Download it today!
Get this Dynamite Magazine from 1979. Full of pop culture goodness for the younger audience. I remeber these fondly...
COOL! Mego catalog collection. Download this!
A cool 70s catalog from Dinky Toys. A must for diecast fans.
Exclusive "Print & Build" Custom G.I. Joe Box
I made this a few years ago for a friend- a bit of a mash up; What if Hasbro made 3 3/4" Joes in the 70s? type of thing. I didn't think anybody else would be interested in this but since several people have recently asked me for it I thought I'd make it available to everyone.
Click here to download this hi-res PDF file.
Another little download- the first issue of the Star Wars Fan Club newsletter from 1978, 4 pages. Later they named the newsletter Bantha Tracks.
IAll sorts of vintage goodness! From Mego toys to polyester slacks. All coverted to PDF- download today!
1967 FAO Schwartz Toy Catalog
1969 Sears Chrsitmas Catalog
1971 Sears Christmas Catalog
1973 Eatons Christmas Catalog
1975 Wards Catalog
1975 Sears Christmas Catalog
1979 Sears Christmas CANADA
1979 Sears Christmas Catalog
1981 Montgomery Ward Catalog
1983 Sears Christmas Catalog
1985 Sears Christmas Catalog
1986 Sears Christmas Catalog
Just a little 4 page download of I think is the first GI Joe catalog back in 1982.
October 7th, 2012
October 7th, 2012
Exclusive PaperBlox Logan's Run
Pop Sculpture!
Download and build this simple PaperBlox Pop Sculpture based on the movie Logan's Run. Stands about 6" high and looks like one of those movie stand-ups you see in theaters. This makes a great gift for a fan and looks great on a desk or shelf!
Six Million Dollar Man Comic Magazine
1976, Charlton Comics
Like most boys in the 70s, I was a huge Bionic Man fan. Check out this scan...
Download a FREE Sample of My Upcoming Print & Build eBook: Action Fleet Go!
I'm very proud of this modular building set- you'll be able to mix and match to make your own custom vehicles for 3 3/4" action figures- from Star Wars to GI Joe!
This is a Print & Build Garage Playset for Hot Wheels and MatchBox Cars. Hopefully it will be out this winter!
Thanks for the great feedback on the Action Fleet Go! vehicles. I will be using a lot of your suggestions for the upcoming release. It may be a few months, but I will try to post free samples for review. Thanks again, you guys have been great.
   --David Whitney
Please note that the Monster Mites toys featured in the video above we no longer sell. We decided to retire them last year.
Next is a great scan of the very first issue of Starlog Magazine! I still have several back issues from the 70s and 80s. Back in the day this really was the first successful magazine for sci fi fans across the world.
This movie is sometimes referred to as The Tomb of Dracula since it seems to be directly influenced by the Marvel comic book series. This movie is quite interesting, check it out.
I LOVE this package art on this 1979 rack toy from Larami.
Dracula, Sovereign of the Damned 1980
A tribute to Land of the Lost. I did the art and my son did the programming.